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Where can these cards be used?

Visit www.ultimategiftcards.com.au to see where your eGift card can be used, terms and conditions and balance check.

When will my recipient receive their eGift card?

Most orders are delivered within 12 hours. It can sometimes take up to 48 hours from the time of purchase to review the order unless you specify a future delivery date.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We only accept debit and credit cards from Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

What exactly does the recipient receive when I send an eGift?

The recipient will receive an email that contains a link to their eGift card. You will also receive a confirmation email. The link will take them to their personalized eGift card. The eGift card can be redeemed online or in-store if you choose to add the eGift card to your mobile wallet.

What delivery options do you offer?

eGift cards are delivered via email. Please check your spam inbox if eGift has not shown up in your primary inbox.

If the recipient accidentally deletes or loses the email, can the eGift email be resent?

Please use the contact form to submit your enquiry to best assist you with the issue.

How do I place an order?

You can shop online at any time and pay by credit card. Simply select the product you wish to purchase, choose the denomination, and fill out the sender and recipient details.

How do I check the status of an order?

You can check the status of an order by clicking on Sign in at the top of any page. After logging in, the My Account screen will appear. Click on the Order History section to review the status of your order.

How do I check the available balance, transaction history or expiry date on a eGift card?

For balance, transaction, and expiry information, please visit www.ultimategiftcards.com.au

Do these eGift cards expire or have any fees?

Please refer to each brand’s terms and conditions found on the brand’s product page prior to purchasing the card or visit www.ultimategiftcards.com.au for full terms and conditions.

Do I need to create an account prior to ordering and sending an eGift card?

No, you do not. You will be given the opportunity to set up an account or checkout as a guest during the purchase process. Please keep in mind that if you checkout as a guest you will not be able to track your order.

Can the recipient email be updated, and the eGift email be resent at any stage?

Please use the contact form to submit your enquiry to best assist you with the issue.

Can my order be cancelled or refunded?

Once the order has been placed, it is non-refundable. If the intended recipient does not receive their order or accidentally deletes their eGift card, please use the contact form so we can assist in resending the eGift card.

Are there any restrictions on purchasing eGift cards?

There are no restrictions to purchasing Gift Cards, the available denominations range between $20-$1000.

How can I replace my Ultimate Gift Card if it is not working?

The only time the Card Issuer will replace a Gift Card is when:

  1. The Gift Card is valid (i.e. it has not expired).
  2. There is available balance remaining on the Gift Card; and
  3. The Cardholder is in possession of the physical Gift Card.

Contact us at www.ultimategiftcards.com.au/contact-us/ and ensure you have the 19-digit PCN number from the Gift Card as well as the 4-digit PIN found on the back of the Gift Card present as you will be required to provide this information.

What do I do if the EFTPOS PIN pad does not approve my Ultimate Gift Card transaction?

Check the following:

  1. The Visa network may be offline.  You as the customer will need to provide another payment type or come back when the Visa system is up.  You cannot use the gift card when the system is offline.
  2. The Gift Card’s magnetic stripe may be damaged. Please contact the card provider at www.ultimategiftcards.com.au for further information.
  3. There may be insufficient funds left on the Gift Card for the transaction.  Please check your card www.myprepaidcentre.com.au
  4. The Gift Card may have expired.  Check the expiry date which should be written on the back of the Gift Card – it is calculated by adding three years to the date of purchase.  You can also find the expiry date (www.myprepadicentre.com.au) on this website.

How can I check the balance of my electronic merchant eGift card?

Please check the balance of your electronic merchant eGift card on the merchants own website. It is recommended that you check your balance each time before using your eGift Card.

How long do I have to spend my electronic merchant eGifts?

Validity periods may vary from product to product – before you exchange for an electronic merchant eGift(s) please check out each products T&C’s. These are either found directly within or accessible via a link within the product description.

I have lost my electronic merchant eGift card – what do I do?

Merchant eGifts can be re-sent if you have lost or accidentally deleted them (providing they are still valid), but we cannot replace eGifts that have been redeemed by a third party if an incorrect email address was provided during checkout. Gift Cards should be treated as cash – we cannot replace any that are lost, stolen or damaged once you’ve received them. Please complete the Contact Us form to resend your eGift card, which can be found via the ‘More Help’ button on our FAQ page.

I entered an incorrect email delivery address during checkout – what do I do?

If the email address provided was incorrect, please complete the Contact Us form via the ‘More Help’ button on our FAQ’s page of our website www.ultimatgiftcards.com.au.

What do I do if I have not received my electronic merchant gift card after 48 hours?

First, please check your spam/junk folders. If you do not find it there, use the ‘More Help’ button on our FAQ’s page of our website www.ultimategiftcards.com.au to initiate an inquiry.

Can I spend my electronic merchant eGift card on the merchant’s website?

This depends on the merchant’s policy.  Before you order your electronic eGift cards, please check out the terms and conditions for each card. These are found by clicking on the information icon within the product description. You can also visit the merchant’s website for more information.

Why can’t I select a merchant eGift card for less than or more than the amounts shown?

The minimum and maximum value for each merchant eGift card is set by the merchant according to their program terms.  You can select multiple eGift cards for the same merchant if you wish to have more than a single card will allow.

Can I redeem my Ultimate card for more than one merchant’s eGift card?

Yes, you can split the value of your Ultimate Card across multiple participating merchants.

How long will my electronic merchant eGift card take to arrive?

Your electronic cards will usually be delivered to you within minutes of processing your order.  However, delivery can take up to 48 hours if there are issues with your order that require us to manually handle your order

Can I exchange my Ultimate Gift Card for an eGift of a participating merchant?

Yes, your Ultimate Gift Card can be exchanged for a partner eGift that is listed as participating retailer on your Ultimate Gift Card. Please ensure your Ultimate Gift Card has a sufficient funds available to complete the exchange. Visit http://www.exchangeyourcard.com.au for more details. Please note that not all partners are available for the exchange service.

What happens if an item was purchased with the Ultimate Gift Card and needs to be returned?

Any refunds on Card transactions are subject to the policy of the specific merchant. Refunds may be in the form of a credit to the Card, cash refund or in-store credit. If the Card expires or is revoked before you have spent any funds resulting from a refund (whether or not the original transaction being refunded was made using the Card) then you will have no access to those funds.

Are there any fees for using the Ultimate Gift Card or checking the Gift Card balance or transaction history?

No, there are no fees associated with use of the Ultimate Gift Cards or checking the Gift Card’s balance or transactions.

Are there Terms & Conditions that apply to the Ultimate Gift Card?

Yes, you can view the full Terms & Conditions here

What happens if I lose my Ultimate Gift Card, or it is stolen?

Lost, stolen, damaged or expired Gift Cards cannot be replaced or refunded. Please refer to the terms and conditions.

Do I receive change on an Ultimate Gift Card transaction?

No.  The Gift Card can be used until the balance reaches a nil value, no matter how small the balance.

What if the value of the purchase I want to make is greater than the value/balance on the Ultimate Gift Card?

In-store purchases: If your purchase is larger than your balance, ask the cashier to swipe the gift card for the exact amount available on the card. Then pay the remaining balance with another form of payment. These are called “split transactions.” Some merchants do not allow cardholders to carry out split transactions. Some merchants will only allow you to do a split transaction if you pay the remaining amount in cash.

Online purchases:  Online merchants don’t have the capabilities to perform split credit transactions. You can either checkout for the balance on your Ultimate Gift Card or exchange it for a merchant eGift card. If the amount of your purchase is greater than the value of your card, please use our exchange card service to make a purchase.

What happens if I have not used all the funds when the Ultimate Gift Card expires?

Whatever value is left on the Gift Card after its expiry will not be available to you. We encourage you to use your Gift Card before it expires.

Do Ultimate Gift Cards expire?

Yes, Ultimate Gift Cards will expire 36 months (3 years) from the date of purchase.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a digital wallet from Apple which lets you use a compatible iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac to make secure contactless purchases in stores, within selected apps and participating websites in Safari on Mac, using your Ultimate Gift Card.

*For a list of compatible Apple Pay devices, see support.apple.com/en-au/km207105.

How do I add my Ultimate Gift Card to Apple Pay?

Adding your card to Apple Pay is simple.*

Here’s how to get started.

  1. On iPhone, open the Wallet app and tap the “+” sign.
  2. For Apple Watch, open the Watch app on your iPhone and tap “Wallet & Apple Pay”, then tap “Add Credit or Debit Card”.
  3. On iPad, go to Settings, open “Wallet & Apple Pay” and tap “Add Credit or Debit Card”.
  4. On your Mac model with Touch ID, go to System Preferences and select “Wallet & Apple Pay”, then select “Add Card”.

Can I add multiple Ultimate Gift Cards to Apple Pay on my device?

Yes, you can add multiple eligible Ultimate Gift Cards to Apple Pay on compatible devices*. You can also add your Ultimate Gift Card to multiple Apple devices.

*For a list of compatible Apple Pay devices, see support.apple.com/en-au/km207105.

Can Ultimate Gift Card be reloaded with value?

No, these Gift Cards cannot be re-loaded.

Do I have to spend the entire amount of the Ultimate Gift Card in a single purchase?

No. Gift Cards are partially redeemable.  Within the Gift Card’s validity period, any available balance can be used for multiple purchases at any participating merchant.

Can I see a list of transactions made with the Ultimate Gift Card?

Yes, you can view your Gift Card balance and transaction history at www.myprepaidcentre.com.au

How can I check the Ultimate Gift Card available balance?

You can check your Gift Card balance at www.ultimategiftcards.com.au by selecting ‘Card Balance’ from this website’s navigation menu or by calling 1800 862 126.  You will then be prompted to enter the PCN Number located on the back of the Gift Card.  The resulting search will show the available balance remaining and expiry date, as well as the most recent transaction summary.

Is the balance updated automatically?

Yes. Each time you use an Ultimate Gift Card, the purchase amount is automatically deducted from the Card balance. If the transaction is declined the funds are not deducted as there is not enough balance to allow the transaction to be completed. If not completed already, you can also set up a personal profile to manage multiple Ultimate Gift Cards. To set up a personal profile please visit www.myprepaidcentre.com.au.

Can I use Ultimate Gift Cards to get cash out of the ATM?

No, the Ultimate Gift Cards cannot be used to withdraw cash at ATM or EFTPOS facilities.

Can I set up a profile to manage multiple Ultimate gift cards?

Yes, My Prepaid Centre allows you to create a personal profile to manage multiple Ultimate Gift Cards. To set up a personal profile please visit www.myprepaidcentre.com.au

Do I need to register my Ultimate Digital eGift card to make purchases?

Yes, your Ultimate Digital eGift card must be registered via the registration link on the email you receive to use your Gift Card.

When registering your Ultimate Digital eGift Card, we require personal information, including name, address, telephone number and email address of the cardholder be verified prior to making purchases. To register your Ultimate Digital eGift Card, either click on the ‘Register Card’ link in your email.

Physical cards do not need to be registered prior to use.

I’m having trouble paying with my Apple, Samsung, or Google mobile wallet, what should I do?

Make sure the card details are correct by double-checking that what you’ve entered exactly matches your card number, expiry date and CVV. If you still can’t complete a contactless payment, try again with the below tips or reach out to the wallet provider directly for further assistance.

i) Make sure your phone is awake and unlocked.
ii) Hold your phone in a different way. Your NFC antenna could be near the top or middle of your device.
iii) Hold your phone closer to the payment reader.
iv) Hold your phone close to the payment reader for a few more seconds.

I tried using my Ultimate card on my Xbox but it’s not working ?

Ultimate cards cannot be directly used on the Xbox platform, to use your Ultimate Card on your Xbox please exchange your Ultimate Card for an Xbox eGift at www.exchangeyourcard.com.au. Redeem your Ultimate card for the Xbox eGift and use the eGift on the Xbox.

How do I add my Ultimate Gift Card to my mobile wallet?

Ultimate Gift Cards can be added to your Apple, Samsung, or Google mobile wallet. To add your Ultimate Gift Card to your mobile wallet follow the steps below:


Add your eGift to your Mobile Wallet

  1. Click on the eGift link sent to your email
  2. Fill out the registration form to activate your eGift
  3. Click on the Add to Wallet
  4. You will be promoted to download My Prepaid Center App if not already installed
  5. Your card has been added to your mobile wallet


Add your Physical Card to your Mobile Wallet

  1. Go to the Wallet app on your mobile device
  2. Click on the plus icon
  3. Select Debit or Credit card on the next screen
  4. Enter your card details
  5. Your card has now been added to your mobile wallet

Can I use my Ultimate Gift Card on the Boost Juice App?

Ultimate Gift Cards cannot be used on the Boost Juice App, to use your Ultimate Gift Card at Boost Juice please visit a Boost Juice store.

Can Ultimate Gift Cards be used to make purchases online?

Yes, Ultimate Gift Cards can now be used online (please note, the older Ultimate gift cards that have an eftpos logo on the back cannot be used online).


For physical cards, your online shopping expiry date is 12/2029.


Use your Ultimate gift card at a participating retailer’s online store by entering the required information on their checkout page. Enter the card information in the credit/debit card section and please ensure the current balance of the Ultimate Gift Card is enough for the entire purchase as most online merchants cannot accept the combination of an Ultimate Gift Card and a Credit Card.


When you make purchases online, please enter the expiry 12/2029 during the checkout section. Please note the expiry you enter for online purchases is different to your value expiry. You gift card will expire three (3) years from the date of issue.


Certain retailers may not be available for this functionality. See here for more, the default filter that is selected on all retailer’s page is ‘all’ therefore this needs to change to online.

Please note that online merchants cannot perform split tender payments, so the amount of the purchase needs to be less or equal to the value of the card. If the amount of your purchase is greater than the value of your card, please use our exchange card service to make a purchase.

Is the physical Card required to be used at the EFTPOS PIN pad to authorise my purchase when using an Ultimate Gift Card?

The retailer must use the PIN pad provided when redeeming an Ultimate Gift Card for goods or services as directed by the POS terminal. If you’ve already added your Ultimate Gift Card to your mobile wallet or exchanged, it for an eGift card then you will not require your physical card.

How do I use my Ultimate Gift Card in-store?

Your Ultimate Gift Card works the same as a Visa debit card. It can be used in-store, online, added to mobile wallet and exchanged for an eGift card.

To redeem your Physical Ultimate Gift Card in-store:

  1. Simply present your Ultimate gift card at a participating retailer
  2. Swipe your card, select “Credit” and when asked for the PIN, enter the 4-digit PIN that is under the scratch panel on the back of the Gift Card.

If the value of the purchase is more than the amount of the gift card, you can supplement the additional value with cash or another payment method that is accepted by the merchant.

Where can the Ultimate Gift Cards be used?

Visit www.ultimategiftcards.com.au and select your card type for a complete list of participating retailers. Participating retailers can be found on the ‘all retailers’ page of this website, apply the relevant filters, and hover over the brand logo to see which Ultimate cards they feature on.

I have been given an Ultimate Gift Card, how does it work?

Ultimate Gift Card are a prepaid gift card run on the Visa network that carries a certain amount of spending power. Each time the Gift Card is used to make a purchase at participating retailers, that purchase amount is deducted from the Card’s available balance. When the value has been exhausted, it cannot be used for more purchases.

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